Questions regardomg anti virus

hello ppl
i want to ask u a question i installed notron anitvirus 2005 and macafee …but when i scaned my system… i found a strange thing…
80% of virus found were common ie same file indicated by both anti virus
but remaining 20% of the virus infected file were uncommon …y its like that ??/
that means norton thinks a file suppose “abc.exe” a virus but macaffee dont …???
we should installling both anti virus and scan one by one to remove viruses ???

No two anti viruses will necessary report the exact same results. Make sure that you are updated to the most current updates before scanning. It doesn’t hurt to run a second antivirus scan every once in awhile…

Both of these antiviruses are in the bottom-most tier of antivirus programs. Neither one will find very many viruses, and McAfee in particular has lots of false positives.

I hope you tested them separately? I mean you dont have both Antiviruses running at the same time do you? If so thats not a very good idea. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: