Questions regarding Pioneer DVR-710

Hi All;

My brother-in-law bought and installed a Pioneer DVR-710 burner. They couldn’t get it to work, so I had a quick look at it for him, and I found Pioneers manual and website’s documentation to be very poor. For instance I couldn’t find the minimum system requirements although I did see that it should run on Win. ME, which is what they are running. The machine is 7 years old (yeah I know, time to upgrade, but cash is holding them back!). Anyway…it has a P2 400 Mhz cpu. Some questions I’m hoping you could answer for me are:

  1. When I right click on the “My Pictures” folder and select send to “D” drive I get an error message that said something to the effect that I did not have access privileges. I’ve never worked with ME before so I’m not very familiar with it. Can you not burn to a CD that way in ME?

  2. Is there any way to burn a file to CD in ME without an application such as Nero or Roxio? (Please see next question also, for further clarification) I tried using Windows media player but couldn’t get that to do it.

  3. They can’t seem to find anything that came with it, except the rather sparse installation manual, and Pioneer’s site says it comes with a NERO OEM disc. Can anybody confirm if that is true and if there are any other installation discs that come with it?

I personally have lots of burning apps., but they are located a 2.5 hour drive away, and the just asked me to have a look at it while visiting yesterday, so I didn’t have anything with me. Also…they are on Dial-up so downloading anything is painfully slow.

Do you think they just need a proper burning app. to get going?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Burlington, Ontario

One thing you can look at is it on an 80 wire IDE cable ? Most new burners require an 80 wire IDE cable

No. Only XP and up would really support that, as they have CD [and for Vista, DVD] burning supported out of the box without a separate application.

  1. Is there any way to burn a file to CD in ME without an application such as Nero or Roxio? (Please see next question also, for further clarification) I tried using Windows media player but couldn’t get that to do it.

Not that I know of. See above response.

& to build on what Jimbo said, ATA 100/133 cables are 80 wire cables. Recent burners need this to reach their high speeds and not have I/O errors. [Some systems may fall back to the older, slower PIO modes as a result of inadequate IDE cables, even when just reading a CD].

Wallace and Jim:

Thanks for your help.

Time for what is probably a really dumb question, but here goes:

Does the 80 wire cable fit onto the same 40 pin connector used for the older 40 wire cables? If so, I assume, two wires connect to each pin, doubling your throughput, or bandwidth or whatever it is called for this type of transfer?

Regardless, if this is the problem, at the very least a new mother board is required eh?

I guess I’ll send him down a copy of my Nero oem and see if it works with that installed. If that fails, I’ll swap him his new DVD burner for my old BenQ CD burner as all they want to do is burn pictures to CD’s (that’s what they said “CD’s”, as a matter of fact they thought they had bought a CD burner! :smiley: )

Thanks again for your help.


@ Porker,

The below Web Link provides detailed information on Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable. The link also provides a comparison picture of (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable and (40-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable.


As already suggested have your friend buy a 80 conductor ide cable which is not expensive at all. Also check DMA settings, if the drive is in udma 4 mode then the ide cable they have would already be a 80 conductor cable. Go through the control panel to system properties then click on hardware tab & then device manager. Click on ide ata/atapi controllers then click on either primary or secondary ide channels depending which ide channel the 710 drive is on. Udma 5 should be the hard drives and if there’s a udma 2 mode it would be the Pioneer 710 drive which then gives you the answer that the ide cable they’re using is not a 80 conductor ide cable. From what you’ve posted the drive probably is using a 40 conductor ide cable.

When a 80 conductor ide cable is not used the drive will not function correctly with any type of burning software.

Here’s a link from Pioneer’s site recommending a 80 conductor ide cable to be used with the dvr-710 which is the retail version of the Pioneer 111D drive. #10 of the FAQ is where it recommends the 80 conductor ide cable. :wink:

I wouldn’t necessarily expect a P2 mobo to support UDMA4 in the first place (more likely UDMA2), so the Pioneer may never work. I like the idea about the old BenQ CD burner better :iagree: (together with the accompanying burning software).

Alternatively, a free CD/DVD burning suite that still works on Win98/ME can be found here :slight_smile: .

P2 mobo and UDMA4 for opticals?


Only a extra controller card (no Promise card) could fix that problem.

Hi All:

Thanks for all the ideas support now I’m totally confused! (kidding)

Let me see if I got this straight:

  1. He needs an 80 conductor ribbon cable.

  2. Should have it set to udma 2 (or does the drive do this automatically?)

  3. He needs a burning app. as ME doesn’t have anything built into it.

  4. It may not work at all with a P2 motherboard.

From what I read at pioneers FAQ page it [U]recomends[/U] an 80 conductor cable, but it did not say it [U]had[/U] to have one.

I sent him a burning app. and I’m going to get him to try that first and then get him to buy an 80 cond, cable.

Thanks again for your help!

Sorry about using your last name Albert!


  1. Won’t help if the P2 mobo doesn’t support UDMA4.
  2. The Pioneer requires UDMA4 (i.e. 80-wire ribbon AND capable mobo, check )
  3. Correct.
  4. Correct. An UDMA2 burner would be more suitable.

Good luck!