Questions regarding PI Errors from three burns

I have attached the quality scans from three discs that I have burned. I burned these using a 3500AG using LDV2B2 firmware, the discs are Sony 8X DVD-Rs (SONY08D1) burned at 16X. The PI Failures from the three dics look good, but I am wondering about the high total of PI Errors. What does everyone think about the numbers you see?

High total of PIF ?? It’s not high at all… your burns are great for 8x disc burned at 16x.

Thanks Quikee2, but what about the PI Errors. You don’t think those are too high do you? I’ve seen others post burns with 1/10th as many PI Errors as these burns have.

They are quite high yes… but not even near 280 so I wouldn’t worry too much… You must know that this disc are burned at 16x… and they are not YUDEN000T02 or MCC004 :slight_smile:

I know that the maximum PI Error is not too high. I just was concerned about the total number of PI Errors. Yeah, I know it is an 8X disc, burned at 16X. They work in my player, so I am happy. The YUDEN000T02 that I have aren’t great…and I don’t want to go through all of my MCC004 yet.