Questions regarding making multiple copies of CDs for business purposes


Me and my friends have planned to start a little shop on our own.
We want to provide a service for business customers to burn presentations or little ad-movies on cd.

We want customers to contact us with the data they want for a dvd /cd advertise in a information magazine of the firm. Then we take the data and burn it onto a dvd of course we want to make it look professional.

Thats why we wanted to ask you guys some questions:

We thought this well but we need a good machinery for multiple copies because
if a customer orders like 1000 copies it would not be very smart do tell them that we do one by one.

We have already a first job of 100 copies to a little firm, but the customer
have some extra options added, he want’s the back of the discs in gold. Is that possible ( I saw alot of them in Copy Games) ?? Cause my provider of discs only use purple ones.

Also the customer wanted to put the name of the firm on the space between the beginning of the datastore part and the transparent part.
How can i realize that ? -Watch the PIC-

Of course we need a good printer for the cd tops, where to put something like
a short information on it, you can recommend me a good printer ??

Thanks in Advance

Assalaam Aleikum Za3eem

You know you guys asked this kind of question question earlier. For most small business ventures, it’s normal for the business people to do their own research. There is plenty of information available all over the WWW for you to make your own decisions on burners, printers and discs.

If you have specific problems with your burning, or printing, then please ask, but we can’t do everything to set up your business from the top down. You are the best ones to do that ;).