Questions regarding kprobe2/nec2500a

Burned a couple of discs with my nec2500a(firmware = 2k5107beta7) and have some questions…
I tried using kprobe2 on these discs with a compaq(SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616Q) dvd player. And i am puzzled with the result, uncertain of my player is really compatible with kprobe. It does work to scan the discs but i get strange readings. I i burn memorex + discs at 4x i get perhaps a medium of approx 100 or little bit more in pi. At the end i can go up to 400 or 500 and i have 1-2 spikes that reaches 1500 most often. If i try the same thing using a bulkpaq i get a pi medium of perhaps 6000-7000. This should be far above unreadable, but these discs are swallowed nicely by my philips dvd player, though often freezes in my old combined low budget vhs/dvd player. If i use my memorex discs almost every disc work flawlessly in both dvd players.

Therefor i perhaps question if my dvd drive is giving any values at all that are worth looking at. Seems very strange. Perhaps ill just have to by a liteon drive to be able to get decent measures.

For the best comparison between scans made by other people, you need to use a Lite-On DVD burner for scans.

You can compare scans made in Lite-On DVD & Combo drives to other scans made in that same drive, for your own reference.

But, the recommendation is, get a lite-on DVD burner. Even an old LDW-411S will do the job, if that’s all you want it for.

A Scan done in a Lite-On DVD burner will give you very different results than a scan from a DVD or Combo Drive.

CD/DVD Speed 3.0 PI/PO scanning will work with your Samsung drive!

Well actually my samsung drive is now history for a while after a firmware update gone wrong(Original firmware). Will have it fixed but want a drive that i can to atleast some extent compare results with others folks so probably buy a liteon drive anyhow. Only one thing. The liteon i have looked at is some kind of 16x drive and i know that it wasnt named 812 etc. More like 6** something i think, but am uncertain. But any liteon drive works nice checking discs with right?

Update-> Just saw your remark regarding liteon recorder. Isnt it sufficient with a regulat dvd drive from liteon?

You might find it helpful to read the KProbe thread and the PI/PO thread . :wink:

I saw that the LiteOn 166 is also supported but if don’t look the reading speed to 4x with, for instance, CD Bremsen, I get really heig pi/po errors. Exactly what I get in Kprobe 2 with the same dvd-rom. Can I trust the scan that I’m getting ?

no, CDSpeed doesn’t lock the speed of the 166 correctly… yet.
The author is looking into it, read the thread that I linked above. :wink: