Questions regarding flashing LG4167B

these r some of the queries i have, please do consider it:

  1. I bought LG4167B, 2 days before and i have already burnt 1 dvd - r media.I got to know that DL12 f/w has been released and i wnted to flsah mine DL10 with this one.Will my warranty of 1 year be void if i do this?

2)can i upgrade from DL10 to DL12 directly or i need to flash even DL11 to get all upgraded features?

3)what r the chances of my drive getting spoilt doing this?

4)Finally, i am not able to d/l DL12 from lgservices, when i click the link i get the message " Not Authorised "?i have already registered with them. Can anyone please let me know any oter site where its been uploaded?

Please anyone help me out…
Thanks a lot…

Hi there

This is fairly easy to answer.

  1. No , your warranty should be in tact when using official firmware.

  2. Yes. Go straight from DL10 to DL12

  3. There is obviously some risk. Don’t turn off whilst the upgrade is happening & shutdown all the apps you can. I’ve done this many times without incident.

  4. You’re not using IE are you. I tried with Firefox & got the same result as you. It’s to do with the way that Firefox doesn’t handle referrer IDs. Try with IE or Avant & it should be fine.

thanks a lot TimC,
one more thing i need to know, how much time will it take to flash as i would not know whether the process is going on or the appl is hung due to some reson…