Questions re Audio and DVD backup



Hey guys, I was looking through your forums, and found many threads relating to my initial question. I also found threads relating to other questions which I had, which in turn spurned the creation in my mind of more questions.

So while I understand I could gather this information through much forum scrounging (if that’s a word), I would rather open up the discussion of my few opinionated noob questions so I can see multiple peoples feelings on them.


I recieved Bose Triport headphones over the holidays, and have already enjoyed them immensely. I figure with such great headphones, I should stop ripping my CD’s with iTunes, and find a better program. So after looking through these forums a few weeks back, I found many members recommend “winLAME”. I downloaded it, it’s pretty easy to use. However, I use the “archive: best quality” setting for recording, and I find sometimes I get a “warbling” sound during sustained pitches. For example, if an Oboe is playing a note, and holding that note, the note seems to fluxuate in its pitch. This is only the case on some tracks of some CDs.

I listen to classical music, and the deep concentration I often have while listening is easily interupted when the music does not sound as it should. So my questions relating to audio are:

  1. What (free) program would be best to import CD’s onto my computer?
  2. What format would be the ideal choice? (As well as the custom recording settings for that format)
  3. Is ripping audio into a .WAV format practical in any way?
  4. Will my iPod output the audio in whatever form the file is in? (e.g., can my iPod output HiFi audio? Or does iPod output everything the same? I hope this question isn’t too confusing)


I’ve also gotten really interested in Classical music DVD’s. My professor let’s me borrow some of his DVD’s, and I’m interested in archiving them for him (you know, just in case anything ever happens to his copies… wink wink). I haven’t researched this as extensively as I was looking aronud for MP3 encoder information, but thought this would be a good opportunity to see if I could get some info:

  1. A good program for ripping DVDs?
  2. A good program for burning DVDs?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer me, because in the mean time, I’m stuck listening Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 at my desk, not while I lay down :frowning:



  1. EAC (Exact Audio Copy) or CDex.
  2. Depends on what quality loss you’re happy with. MP3 at 256kbps would still be good. WAV is lossless but uses loads of space.
  3. As above.
  4. No idea.


  1. For Videos - DVD Decrypter/RipIt4Me
    For music DVD’s - No idea.

  2. ImgBurn


For audio
…maybe something peculiar about your set-up.
So, do a test:
Take the time to rip your favourite track to various formats…

MP3 at 256 and 160…see if you can hear the diff (should)
Try ogg
Try WAV (ultimate test cos it should be identical as Tim said)

Compare these under controlled conditions!

Advantage of ripping to WAV…store this on your (BIG) hard-drive…you´ll be able to remake your original cds if anything goes wrong with them.

If you have space, then stick to low compressions…again as Tim said, MP3 at 256 is pretty good for most purposes. If desperate you can convert these back to WAV and make a “normal” cd again.

It´s a big and controversial theme…be prepared to read a lot…the FReak Show here has lots of experts and enthusiasts, so hang around :smiley:


Thanks for all the help!