Questions/problem with LiteON Slimtype (USB) 431 SX

The drive is fully flashed, I’m using the latest drivers for my hardware and Windows 2000 is fully patched.

I get largely varying results with Nero 6’s CD-DVD speed program, damaged areas of discs, etc. I’m sticking to brands that I’m used to that I feel are good (TDK, Imation), and considering how slow the drive is, I don’t think it’s because I’m writing to the disc too quickly :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if less-than-perfect writes to DVD discs are to be expected with USB devices. The only other USB device I have plugged in is a Logitech MX700, and I don’t go pushing the system while a write is going.

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated.

One odd problem with it, for example, is that I have a spindle of TDK DVD-R 4x discs, that the drive, within spec, has been writing happily to at 2.4x speed, until recently it decided that it only wanted to write to them at 1x. It has the MS0K firmware (AFAIK, the latest).

To add to the problem I just described, it will work writing to those DVD-Rs at 1x. Though if I take the drive and plug it into my laptop with those DVD-Rs, it says it can write to them at 2.4x.

I normally have two other USB devices plugged in. My Epson CX6600 is usually off, and I have a Logitech MX700. I’m considering plugging the MX700 mouse into PS/2, in case it is that which is causing problems. I’ve tried plugging the drive into another bank of USB slots, but no diff.

bump No ideas anyone?

Writing 4x rated media at 1x - for what sense?

Also, 2.4x is no valid speed for -R/RW media, apart from that some burners with firmware bugs (Benq ie) allow that speed anyway…