Questions Only!



Why, do questions bother you? :slight_smile:



Because I do not know any answers


suppose to be a question isn’t?


[QUOTE=samlar;2694642]Because I do not know any answers[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=marloyd;2694691]suppose to be a question isn’t?[/QUOTE]
Would you like me to fix that?


no I like being stupid that way my wife cannot complain as much


Why aren’t you asking questions in a thread called “questions only”? Do you not like to play games? :sad:


yes I just cannot help myself sometimes no wait all the time.

Could this be a problem and is there a cure?



there is no cure but it may be catchy,know what I mean?


So why is this thread so popular then? :slight_smile:



Maybe because you keep asking questions?


I wonder are we just all addicted to the quest for knowledge? :slight_smile:



Is there a cure for this addiction?


Does this addiction need a cure?


Do “you” think it needs a cure?


Why cure it if it’s good?



Can’t you have too much of a good thing?


[QUOTE=Albert;2695283]Can’t you have too much of a good thing?[/QUOTE]

IS getting [B]More[/B] bandwith NOT a GOOD Thing :flower:


Doesn’t more bandwidth cost more money?


[QUOTE=Albert;2695390]Doesn’t more bandwidth cost more money?[/QUOTE]

don`t you know? [B]I just got uncapped[/B]:cool: ( so it cost less inthelongrun )


Stairway to Heaven?