Questions on spliting a D9 to 2xD5 by DVDFab

For movies with special cut-scenes, like special icon appears on certain scenes and you can click it to jump to the cut-scenes. Can DVDFab keep those in spliting a D9?

For dvd that starts with a trailer, do I have the option on keeping the trailer, but change the dvd to start with the menu instead? Or I have to use DVDRemake 1st?



If you preserve menus on both discs, it should have no problem.

For now, we have “Jump to movie directly” option, but “Jump to menu directly” can be added in the future.

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thanks fengtao,

In “other tools”, will “Correct DVD sectors” make the backup files for me so I can restore if something has gone wrong. If not, what files should I backup myself?

what do you mean “backup”?

“Correct DVD Sectors” is used to adjust the pointer in VIDEO_TS.IFO, so that the DVD can be played by standalone DVD player.

Oh sorry, actually you have answer the question already. Cause I would now backup the VIDEO_TS.IFO before trying this function.

Can this fix bad dvd authoring? Cause my friend ask me to fix a movie for him which its chapter selections in chapter menu are pointing to wrong scenes.

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To fix the chapter error, I think you need DVDRemake or some program similar.