Questions on registered version of Alcohol 120%

Hello all. New to these forums and have a few questions about the Alcohol 120% product.

I have a registered copy of the latest version of Alcohol 120% on 2 W/XP SP2 machines (desktop and laptop).

My first question may have to be answered through pm’s because of registration or user information/product information.

1.Since I use it on both the desktop and laptop, I go to the Alcohol site and change the activation key depending on what computer I am on. Will there be a problem with this and is it illegal? I do this due to the fact that I can not afford two liscensed copies atm.

2.Making offical backups with the virtual drive on my desktop (never on my laptop/its my school/networking machine) I run into errors everytime. The following games have errors when backing up. All the installs have the latest patches which I have saved on my IIS server. How should I go about making these copies without errors? :doh:
a. BF 2142
b. World of Warcraft Buring Crusade
c. HalfLife 2
d. Fear

3.Through searching google I found that there are people talking about drives being blacklisted. Since I have a legal copy of Alcohol 120% why would any of the drives be blacklisted? I understand if someone is using it to copy illegally obtained copies it should be stopped. I agree on this, but, if its not an illegal copy but a legitimate backup why the blacklisting? :confused:

4.Sometimes the option for making an .iso is not available in the creating a backup wizard. When this happens only the .ngr option is available. Am I doing something wrong?

If it is needed please pm me with the answers or simply email me (I am allowing admins to email me here) if part of this cant be answered in open forum.

No your doing nothing wrong that is why the system is in place so that you can switch your activations between your PC and Laptop or between two PC´s or two Laptops or whatever combination you have.

Without knowing the actual errors your getting i cant answer, safedisc protected games will show errors durign the backup this is normal, are you letting the image finnish or are you stopping it due to the errors.

Its not drives that are blacklisted its software virtual drives etc, there are ways round this with the use of free programs like YASU

The data type selection depends on the disc you are backing up and the protection it has check

  1. As a purchased user of Alcohol why dont you apply for access to the Alcohol purchased users support forum, the answer to most of your questions and many more can be found there just send an email to support see here

Thank you for answering my questions in a timely manner. Your answers do help alot and the links you provided had the information I needed to see.

With question 2 I do let them finish the image. When I go to try the image (on the same desktop) and load it to the virtual drive is when it asks for the original. I wasnt sure if I was doing something wrong or not. There were alot of options on what to use as far as safedisk and such. Now I understand.

The blacklisting I now understand. Although I dont see how they can moraly blacklist a product becuase of other users doing illegal things. Just hurts the legit people in the end. Not trying to debate. Dont get me wrong. I was just wondering.

The program YASU you posted about, is it pretty self explanatory?

I will visit the Alcohol forums like you suggest. Are you on those forums as well? I truely hope you are. The team here seems to be honest and straight forward. If you are, I’ll see you there.

Hi [B]Oper8or[/B]

Yes YASU is quiet explanitory however if you request access to our purchased users support forum, the developer of YASU will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Yes i am on the support team of the Alcohol support forum, while we do visit forums such as this one to help where we can we are more active on our own forum. I look forward to seeing you there.