Questions on CloneDVD2 being updated to burn DVD+R DL without errors?

I’ve been wondering have any here found out anything of a update on CloneDVD2 being updated on the problem it has in burning DVD+R DL media? I wrote the support team and have not been notified yet about anything so I’m checking to see if anyone here has heard of anything?

So far I’ve been learning the process of burning movies from the help I received here. Thanx :iagree: I am now trying to find the best programs to burn DVD+R DL without error etc. 1ClickDVD gives me problems and locks-up on me :a . I waste two blanks using that program :a . I found one other program that works great. The name is Swiftdic 1.64. It’s easy and dose the job! :slight_smile: Though it’s not on the popular list and not known much. My cousin found this program for me since I have had no luck using the others like DVDShrink,Decrpyter,CloneDVD2 etc.

I really like the CloneDVD2 program interface and it is easy to use, though it has that one drawback of burning Dual Layer saying the Movie is too big though the movie is 7.3 gigs and the Verbatim DL disk is 8.5 gigs.

So if anyone here has foound a way to work around this please let me know. Thanx :slight_smile: .

You can set the output size in clonedvd to dvd+r DL, this should work.
Another easy way to burn DL discs is dvddecrypter with the iso read and write mode!