Questions - LVW5005 Firmware Downgrade + Hum

Lite-on LVW5005
Purchased: Dec. 2005
Original Serial Number: 0102-1840-0101-G2BD(100-010D)
Hacked Serial Number: 0102-1840-0101-G2BD(000-010D)
Firmware: 1101
Hack: ILOHack15

Upgraded the firmware and applied the hack without any problems.
Recorded unprotected VHS and TV successfully.
Haven’t tested Region Free.
I’m in the USA.


  1. There is an audible “hum” in recorded TV. I followed forum advice and connected the cable coax directly to the VCR to use as the tuner (vs. using the Lite-on as the tuner). There is a significant reduction in noise, but the “hum,” although barely audible, is still there.

Is there anything else I can do to eliminate the “hum” completely?

  1. I’m confused on a couple of issues with downgrading/hacking.

I tried to transfer a VHS tape with Macrovision, but got the error “Protected Material.” I looked over the forum, and the consensus seems to be that my firmware version (1101) cannot be hacked to remove Macrovision - even though it appears to be so. Further, I read that it may be possible to downgrade to firmware version 1098 and apply the Region Free/Macrovision hack although some seem to have problems doing this.

Can I successfully downgrade from version 1101 to version 1098 and apply the Region Free/Macrovision hack?
What risks, if any, are there in downgrading firmware?
If it is possible to downgrade, where can I find instructions?

Any information is appreciated as the primary reason I bought the LVW5005 was to transfer old VHS tapes (some with Macrovision).


Although Mr. Wizard’s utility might indicate a successful hack, I don’t think FW version 101 can be hacked for MV; probably due to Hollywood’s threats to litigate LiteOn unless they block the MV hacks. I think LiteOn has responded by writing their 101 and up BIOS to do an “end-run” around the old MV hack address(es) and the result is that MV hacks written for pre-101 files will no longer work to block MV.

I sucessfully downgraded from 101 to 098 using a hacked version of 098 and it’s working very well. 'Reason for going to 101 in the first place was to upgrade my 813s burner so that it would read/write to later (1-16x, mfg TTH02) disk media. After the 101 upgrade, my burner now works fine with the newer media and now usually defaults to 8x write speed.

There are no ‘Tricks’ in doing the downgrade to 098 – I just did the routine upgrade process and it downgraded the OS firmware from 101 to 098, but it left my burner upgrade intact. I see your burner fw version is at G2BD, which I think means you have a 451 burner. Note: My burner is an 813s which shows as a B20* firmware version string in the serial number (SN: 0102-1840-0098-B20G (015-010D).

Of course I can’t gaurantee your machine will work the same, but I can’t see why not…

Thanks for all the info, Jaybird74…

Now I need to find both an UNhacked version of 098 and a hacked version of 098.

I’ve looked everywhere, but I get dead links or incompatible files.

Anybody have these files?

Original Serial Number: 0102-1840-0101-G2BD(100-010D)
Hacked Serial Number: 0102-1840-0101-G2BD(000-010D)