Questions jitter, pie, pif drives

currently they are still manufactured dvd sata drives with support for verification jitter errors, PIE and PIF? which are?

help question please

LiteOn DVDRW drives.

liteon currently manufactures dvd drives that supports jitter, pie and PIF errors? what model?

Any current model…

lg, samsung, sony also make drives with support for jitter, pie and PIF errors?

Only LiteOn.

LiteOn also MDISC burning?
What software should I use to scan jitter, pie, pif errors on optical discs?

There were/are some Lite-on models compatible with the DVD version of M-discs. Look at this page: and search for Lite-on drives to see the complete list.

For scanning, Nero CD/DVD Speed is free. Found here.

Or you can use Opti Drive Control, which is not free.

I no found internal drive model and the external drive model liteon with support mdisc + jitter, pie and PIF errors

I use the latest free version of Nero DiscSpeed but there is this nero cd / dvd speed and do not know which to use the names are different

i use windows 10

The iHAS324-F (an internal drive) supports M-DISCs.

this model is the link has support jitter, pie, pif and mdisc?

Maybe. There is no way to know what hardware version it is.

But you are absolutely sure that all drivers liteon supports jitter, pie and PIF scan errors?

Some old LiteOn iHAS drives are based on Optiarc drives (could not scan jitter), but that was a long time ago.

Otherwise… Yeah, LiteOn drives have supported jitter/PIE/PIF since 2006.

I read on a website that only the old drives were scan jitter errors, pie and PIF, this is false?

Which website? Because….

Only iHAS_24 Y, iHAS_22 W, and iHAS_20 X cannot scan jitter.

All other drives, including…
iHAS_20 6
iHAP_22 8
iHAS_22 9
iHAS_2_ A
iHAS_2_ B
iHAS_2_ C
iHAS_2_ D
iHAS_2_ E
iHAS_2_ F
can scan PIE/PIF/jitter on DVD.

New drives should be iHAS… E, or iHAS… F.

I do not remember the site, only the liteon produces drives with support for jitter, pie, pif? because the other manufacturers do not bring this support?

You’re going in circles now. :wink:

You know what your options are. You can decide to buy the drive & try it.

The circles are just beginning