Questions from the New Guy, with a DW1620 Scan



First of all, as I delurk, let me say I’ve already gotten alot of great info here, which I greatly appreciate.

I purchased my first burner recently, and have made a few backups. I’ve attached one of my first scans to this post, for which I’d appreciate any feedback. I also have several questions, some of which are admittedly better asked in alternate forums, and I apologize in advance for those out of place.

Regarding my scan:

  • A total PIE of 38748 seems excessive, even with max of 166?
  • The spike on PIE at the end of the burn?
  • And maybe I’m just dumb, but what is the green line? Read speed?
  • Comments regarding others burning with same media appreciated.

Regarding scans in general:

  • If I understand correctly, in a nutshell, PIE are initial, recoverable errors and PIF are subsequent attempts at recovery which unrecoverably fail. Is this correct?
  • If so, an arbitrarily large number of PIE is acceptable, but not PIF. Correct?
  • The limits I’ve read for PIE (280) and PIF (16) apply to maximum, not total, which I assume deals with any one particular frame?
  • What visual artefact is manifested by PIF? If I remember correctly, MPEG2 is essentially blocks of 8x8 pixels, with changes between iterations of the block recorded, but I may be way off too.

Regarding compression ratios:
I understand the best way to determine acceptable compression ratios is simply to try and judge for myself. I would however be curious what the “gut feeling” is for various people. I have tried 66% and, on admittedly very little inspection, not seen obvious degradation.

I appreciate any and all responses.



If so, an arbitrarily large number of PIE is acceptable, but not PIF. Correct?

PIFs maximum and totals are more important then PIEs. You can also look at your quality score too. You have a 95 which is a pretty good score. My brother got a 95% with the same brand you got.

For most people how much you compression is very subjective. There’s some that claim they can tell a difference from anything more then 95% and for others 65% compression would look identical to the DVD. I have used 65% and I could tell a difference with DVD Shrink, now with an encoder like DVD Rebuilder and Procoder 2.0 it may be darn close to the actual DVD even at 65%.


good scans