Questions from a liteon convert

ok i am not a noob to dvd burning but this is my first NEC. i am abandoning an 811s and 411s. the nec 2500a that i got a killer deal on rocks but the manual that i got has no information in it so can i please beg some enlightenment?

first on buffer under run my litey signal this with a change in color of the led. how does the nec signal this?

next booktyping, i have herrie 1.07 v2 beta4 installed and wish to always booktype my +r to ROM nicw had written a liteontorom that auto did it if you put it in the startup. is there something similar for my nec?

lastly is there any bler scanning software that works with this drive? i have a 411s that i use mainly for scanning now but i would like to replace that drive also when i can find this drive cheap enough again ($40 AR this time)
but i would still like to occasionally scan the discs to see how good they look.

this drive is out of this world… i could never burn any media at 8x with my 811 as the discs were unreadable. my first 8x disc with this drive is beyond belief compared to even 4x written discs in the 811.

i. Buffer underrun is indicated on the ND hardware via the green LED turning OFF

ii. Use Nic’s lastest DVDInfoPro and booktype setting to DVD-ROM all DVD+R media machine default. (Upgrade to a newer Herrie firmware too!)

iii. No. Its not a drive that can report PI/PO errors. Use the LiteOn hardware for this.

It is an amazing drive isnt it? I stopped using my LDW-811S and SOHW-812S just because the NEC is so much more superior. I burn very poor media @ 8x perfectly with the NEC. It is, in my opinion, the best drive of its generation. :cool:

1.07-v2b4 is fine unless you want DL support.
Now go out and buy some 4x CMC and try it at 8x, you will be amazed. :wink:

@Grimes - how do PRINCO “A-Grade” discs write for you @ 8x on the NEC ND-2500/2510?

I have tried a few before, with no CIRC errors. Not sure that the write strategy actually let the disc burn at “true” 8x however.

Princo has never darkened my door, except for some old 1x CompUSA stuff it’s hard to find here. I’ve not been keeping up my “crap media” collection. :wink:

Agreed. It is horrid media - the ND hardware seems to love it however. Seems Australia is flooded with the trash…=\

Welcome to the NEC world cnlson :smiley:

Maybe it’s being thrown out of Europe into wherever it’s still “legal” :slight_smile:

Princo Media is ILLEGAL

well i say burn em if you got em… i have probably 25 or so left out of a 1x starlogic spindle that i bought for 9.99. going to burn one and see how it turns out. i have burned a bunch of media ritek and cmc so i will post them and let you all see. what i am seeing is problems at the end when i burn @ 8x. at least a little spiking at the end.

yep i understand that i can do that but is there anything that will do it automatically so i don’t forget? anyone? nicw?

yeah well you and grimes were right bout the drive it rocks…

now since i have joined the dark side do i get a new name tag or anything? can i get discounts anywhere? do we have a secret handshake?

Zebra I Own The SOHW-812S And The NEC 2500a And I am Constantly Draw Back 2 The SOHW-812S As Its Was More Of A Challenge 2 Get Quailty Burns Compare 2 The NEC 2500a Til US0N Firmware Was Released And CodeGuys Tweaks Arrived.
I Think The SOHW-812S Has Come Along Way In The Last 3 Months Or So.
And Catching Up 2 The NEC 2500a.
What I’m Trying 2 Say Is The NEC 2500a Has Been No Near As Fun As The SOHW-812S Because It’s Already Nearly Perfect.

Yup. There is something that does it automatically. DVDInfoPro once you set it, with the bitsetting component, will keep those settings in volatile (system) memory forever. I.e, turn the system on, reboot or otherwise, and the program will always have it running in DVD-ROM for +R, because you set that as machine/media default. You only need to set it [b]once.

[/b]However, there was some talk recently about Nero being about to bitset automatically.

The infopro solution, to the best of my knowledge, coupled with a Herrie or TDK OEM firmware is the most “automatic” means of bitsetting.


[/b]Interesting point there. Personally, I couldn’t care anymore about that kind of thing. For me, it has to work…and work flawlessly every time to be good enough. If it needs work or tweaking to actually get the level of functionality out of it, that can be had off the bat, with other hardware - its not worth its weight to me. However, having said this…this is an enthusiasts forum, so…its understandable that tweaks etc are cool. LiteOn drives are fun for modding! :slight_smile:

Zebra U R The One Thats 2 Blame 4 My Craze 4 Modding. (Tweaking)
We Can All Overclock Our CPU’s And Video Cards But U Brought Us The ZebraMods For The 401, 411, 811 And The SOHW-812S.
I May Need 2 See A Shrink.
But When A Particular Piece Of Hardware Gave Me So Much Grief In The Early Stages And 2 Overcome These Problems Was Very Awarding.
I Have Become Attached 2 The My Lite-On’s, Correct Me If I’m Wrong But I Sense Zebra That U R Becoming Bored With The Modding Scene.

Having Said That, If Friends Ask Me What DVD Burner 2 Get I Always Recommend The NEC 2500a. :slight_smile:

P.s Sorry 2 Cnlson 4 Going Off Topic.


Pulsee, yes…you are right! I cannot deny, I love modding! I am far from bored with it! Just nothing lately to sink my teeth into.

I have two kinds of tasks:

i) Those for fun (my LiteOn hardware, for tweaks and hacking)

ii) Those for my work (my NEC/Pioneer drives)

I keep them seperate, for that very reason. Some are experimental. Others are what I consider “mission critical”.

You win the privilege of participating in these revered forums! :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to add a Sith/darkside pic into your avatar. :slight_smile:

Actually it is Nero

I’ll have to test that on a DVD-RW. I thought dvdinfopro was still required.

works for me… where do i get one?