Questions for flashing CD-RW drive



Hi, I have a small problem. I need to flash new firmware to my CD-RW drive GCE-8320B. I downloaded the firmware and found there 2 files inside: Je3.exe amd Je3lg409.hex. If I simple run Je3.exe it responses this help menu:

 HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE8320 F/W Download Program   Ver 1.001 
  usage 1 : JE3 [FILE_NAME.HEX] 
  usage 2 : JE3 [FILE_NAME.HEX] [PORT_NUMBER] /m 
  [FILE_NAME.HEX] : ***.HEX 
  [PORT_NUMBER]   : 
           1 - Primary Master 
           2 - Primary Slave 
           3 - Secondary Master 
           4 - Secondary Slave 
  /m is Boot mode Option

But here I don’t understand 2 things:

  1. What does mean usage 1 and usage 2?
  2. What does mean /m is Boot mode Option at usage 2? Must I write it exactly so (using usage 2) or substitutes m any zipher or can I omit it and when?


The command should be like this:

D:>je3 kenny003.hex 3

I don’t know what /m is for.


And why kenny003.hex and not Je3lg409.hex?


That’s just an example of how the syntax would look. Use whatever the real name of the .hex file is.


Because I’m Kenny. :slight_smile:


On the LG Germany site i found a text file how to do it exactly in W98 (why only Germany and not everywhere?).

  1. Store the files somewhere where it’s easy to find them, i.e. in c:\
  2. Switch off the PC
  3. Connect the CD-drive to Secondary Master, all similar drives disconnect
  4. Start PC in MS-DOS modus - NOT!!! MS-DOS window in the Windows!
  5. Insert acc. to usage 1
    “Usage 2” is only to confuse it.