Questions flash memory long term storage

flash memory card and USB flash stick is reliable for long-term storage of files and data? flash memory cards and USB stick is more durable and more resistant than CD and DVD Media?

Nothing is reliable for long-term storage, except perhaps stone tablets.

That’s why you should store important information on multiple types of media.

comparison between flash memory (card and USB stick) and CD / DVD which is more resistant and durable? it seems to me that CDs and DVDs are fragile

[QUOTE=retrogamer15;2774778]it seems to me that CDs and DVDs are fragile[/QUOTE] Yes, but so is flash media.

You could look for statistics as to which is less reliable, but IMO that would be missing the point that neither can be depended on as the only copy of important stuff.

I’ve had both SD cards and USB Flash Drives die and/or corrupt data at a higher percentage than CD/DVD media, but my experience is not a significant statistic.

I think your experience is as good as anything DrageMester as Flash and SD often leaves you without much of a chance recovering data if it ‘just’ dies and while CD/DVD can be recoverable by using umpteen drives and a managed ISOBuster image, it is in no way a guarantee for a working copy of the document or program.

Enough backups and refreshing backups by making a new after a period of time is the only plausible solution to the problem. I have found forgotten optical backups from around 1997 still working while newer from 2007+ have developed read errors.

Personally, I use hard drives to store backups mostly and never have just one. :flower:

I will burn the files and save the flash drive, card or CD / DVD. I do not use with frequency, I want to backup 10, 20… years