Questions concerning bitsetting

812s with us0j

i set a tdk+rw to dvd-rom using the official booktype.exe
according to the offcial .pdf, it’s ok.

but from dvdinfopro, booktype=mediatype=+rw, and sth as implement_id = rom
i wonder if it is set correctly

and ASUS E616P tells(in alcohol), disc type=rom, booktype=+rw. dvdinfopro tells the same as in 812s.
i wonder if it is because ASUS E616P is able to check media type as dvd-burner or booktype.exe failed to set this +rw.

And i find cdspeed doesn’t work on this disc(neither 812s or asus e616p), while kprobe work fine with 812s.

For +RW discs, you need to do a full-erase of the disc before you can bitset it again.


why liteon doesn’t include this in their reference :sad:

Hi, Code… Do u think we can hope to get Mt. Rainier support with DVD+RW medias and writing by CAV support with DVD+/-R, with future 812s/832s firmwares? Thanks… :slight_smile:

Mt. Rainier will have to come from LiteOn. It seems that they might have promised a few of their OEM customers (Gigabyte) that they’ll add it eventually. But there’s not a chance in heck that we can implement Mt. Rainier; only LiteOn can do that.

CAV for DVD, IIRC, isn’t supported by the chipset.

so far these are the only dvd burners to impliment mt rainier:

DVD+RW/CD-RW drive
1 Philips DVDR1640 firmware version MR11
DVD+RW/CD-RW drive produced by Royal Philips Electronics, The Netherlands.
2 NEC ND-2500A firmware version 1.0M
DVD+RW/CD-RW drive produced by NEC Corporation, Japan.
3 Sony DW-R56A firmware version NDT1
DVD+RW/CD-RW drive produced by Sony Corporation, Japan.

personally i am not all that enthralled with mt rainier on my 40125,48161x2, 48246, 52246 and cannot remember using it more than once on one drive to confirm that it actually worked.

since in cdrw liteon represents 3 out of 7 that they show as verified and 3 out of 11 cd/dvd combo drives (not counting their sony counterparts that are in the list) i would bet that if it is possible they will impliment it. my guess is that the blizzard of new products and constantly having to change their flashers (to keep ahead of code brothers?) has got them a bit bogged down right now. as i expect in the future that newer 8x media to be added to my 811s (and my 411s) i expect that they will add the mt rainier also.

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