Questions before I install trial and/or purchase




I have a few questions before I try to install this and have issues:

My desktop is a dual quad-core Xeon with 64GB of RAM, running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise. I have two separate SCSI channels + SATA + SAS + IDE. The primary SCSI is the boot system with a 300GB 15K U320 SCSI for boot (A channel), and 5x 146GB 15K SCSIs for seperate drives (3 in JBOD - and 2 in RAID 0 stripe on the B Channel), a ATTO U320 RAID card.

The second SCSI controller is a RAID-6 ADG (HP SA) cluster for data consisting of 6 300GB 10K SCSI U320 disks.

The SATA/SAS chain are all 2.5" 500GB drives (6 disks) with 4 JBOD and 2 AS RAID1. There are 4 open SATA ports (Intel) and 8 open SAS ports (Adaptec)

The IDE channel is all DVD-RWs (Plextors).

Question is that if I install a 160GB Intel 320SSD on one of the open SATA channels (7/8), will VeloSSD work with caching ONLY the boot disk which is on the primary SCSI chain with a SCSI ID of 0? The cache will only need to be 64GB (remainder of SSD is for temp folder remap). I’ll probably only need the personal edition of VeloSSD.

I don’t want it to cache any of the data disk, RAID, or SAS disks.


Thank you for the support question.

caching a scsi boot volume with a sata ssd,
plus lots of other disks.

I see no reason why it would not work.
However we´ll test it out (again) with
and post again about this.


Sounds good…give it a test and let me know! Thanks


caching a SCSI System or Data volume with a SATA SSD is no problem at all.
This is what our testing resulted in. We have tested different Host Adapters, Motherboards, SSD´s and SAS / SCSI Disks with.
Due to our hardware independend software architecture VeloSSD will definitely
work with all generic storage Hardware. Please make sure you use the latest drivers and that the hardware itself is sane.