Questions and observations about MaxVeloSSD



1st time user,and intrigued by this software…
I have a 128 GB SSD with win 8.1 Pro 64bit with MediaCenter,up to date.
My data drive is a 1TB 7200 RPM drive,2 partitions.
Created a 1 GB cache from RAM (max allowed for the trial)
Have put the Data partition under cache and ran Anvil’s benchmark(standard settings),but 2 times in a row,I got a bluescreen with 'pagefault_in_non-paged_area (MaxVeloSSD.sys)
3th time I disabled my security programs and could finish the test of the Data drive.
4th time,I changed the settings to put the SSD under cache,and again 1 GB RAM as cache…
Now I wonder how the read results from the 7200RPM drive could be higher than the reading time of the 128 GB SSD…:confused:
And @ the same time,the writing times of the SSD kick the *ss of the 7200 RPM drive…:confused:


Another question,is firstly the cache space on the disc used,before the 1 GB RAM cache is accessed?
That could explain the reading speed difference,as the cache for the SSD testing is on the 7200 RPM hd…
Also,how many RAM usage is allowed on the Professional Edition vs the Personal Edition???


Final setup: Data partition on 7200 RPM disc cached,as there are my Steam,Origin and Uplay folders located.
Some free space on the system SSD is used as cache,1 GB of RAM allocated as cache,I shrunk the pagefile on the SSD to a fixed 256 MB and created a 8192 MB pagefile on the Data partition…seems to speed up the SSD an extra bit too… :slight_smile:
1 minor point,I’d rather see support for 1 seperate cached disc then for 1 so called ‘host volume’,as that leaves out partitions on the same harddisk.
But that won’t stop me from buying it…:disagree:
Nice piece of software! :clap:


On my ‘bought programs’ list now…:bigsmile:
Still impressed about it’s speeding up capabilities…my D drive feels like an SSD now!:bow:


Moved the cache from my OS SSD to a SDHC class 10 card …:p:bow:


Suggestion for the developer:
Since the program has to be uninstalled before a newer version can be applied,there should be a possibility to preserve the registration status…

Or the possibility to install on top of an existing version…


Ran into a problem:
Copying a + 25 GB file from an external usb2 5400rpm hd through Total Commander’s copy interface can lead (on my system) to a freeze while transfering the file.
Task Manager isn’t responsive either,so the only option left is a hard reset with the power button.
After the reset, the files of that partition I was transfering to are gone in windows explorer,and windows asks if I want to reformat the drive.
Luckily,when I unmount MaxVeloSSD,the program writes the cache back to the partition and after a reboot,everything is back to normal…
This already happened 3 times…:frowning:


Yikes. Have you contacted support about it? I wonder if they’ll just blame the SSD. I hope this doesn’t happen to my customers, whose new computers I incorporated MaxVeloSSD into. You’re scarin’ me.


No,didn’t contact support yet…I don’t know if this error is reproducable on every system,as there are thousands of different configurations possible …


What’s your current setup? PC specs and cache configuration? What edition are you running?


Running the Personal Edition on win 8.1 Pro Mediacenter,cache size of 80% on 32 GB SDHC class 10,2 GB of 16 GB used as RAM cache.More specs earlier in this thread :wink:
I always use TC for file transfers,which uses it’s own file transfer protocol …


Ok. Doesn’t it allow you to encounter a problem and pick up where you left off, too? Unlike Windows, which just errors and quits the whole operation? I used to use FAR Manager for that. I may fire up my benchmark PC and see if I can duplicate your problem. If I get time… Been busy lately!