Questions about Verbatim 1TB external drive

hello :slight_smile:

there is a sale here and they sell the Verbatim 1TB External drive.

i know that verbatim do not made Hard disc drives, and i’m wondering who is the real manufacture of the drive that is inside the Verbatim case.
if anyone knows it will be nice to know it… :slight_smile:

and is it a good drive?
can i buy it without worry?
i know that WD/Seagate/maxtor are a good brands… where Verbatim stands on the compare to this brands ?

the main use of the drive will be to play (and store of course) a HD 1080P movies via Popcorn hour A100 streamer…
today i have Maxtor 500GB external drive and i really satisfied with it…
the problem is that i run out of space :stuck_out_tongue:

tnx a lot :slight_smile:

Seagate 1tb drive - aren’t a good buy they are problem drives.


so you suggest me to give up on this drive…

its a shame… it’s sold for a really good price.

an update:

i took the risk and bought this Verbatim 1TB and the drive inside is made by Western Digital and not by Seagate!

Well it is better than seagate for problems, but if do get a problem withwd it can be expensive to repair. I’ve read it something to do with realigning if the drive lid is ever removed. Maybe you should think of getting a backup drive, since you say they’re a good price. Then you will be covered in case drive malfunctions. The bigger the drive the more cutting edge, more expected problems. It is why many still buy drives that are below 500gb until the technology gets better. With two drives non raid, you could look at some automated incremental software backup. Saving from having to remember and waiting around.

i dont know if it called a good price across the sea :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s sold for 128$ (for 1TB drive) and only until tomorrow
here (in Israel) its really good price.
the cheapest drive you can find here (not on this sale) is sold for 172$ (Maxtor 1TB drive)

i dont need this drive for extremely important stuff…
it’s just for 1080P movies…
so i dont need to buy another drive…

tnx anyway :slight_smile: