Questions about trying to burn karaoke song and graphics

Hi, I am New to this site. I am 23 years old and I live in California. I am married with three children. Ages 4, 2, and 7 months. I also have work from home I am a Princess House Lifestyle Consultant. I love to sing Karaoke and I just took 1st place in a contest last weekend. I have some questions about trying to burn karaoke song and graphics from the internet. I use Kazaa as my place to download music and movies. I was wondering if I have to use a certain download site to get them and the lyrics or what type of discs to use and how to go about burning them. If you have any insite please let me know. Thanks


Hello Michele, and welcome to CDFreaks!

Unfortunately, we cannot answer your question because our rules state that we cannot assist people regarding illegally downloaded materials (in this case, music from KaZaA). If this material is not copyrighted, please let us know and hopefully someone may be able to answer your question.


u can usually find lyrics to popular songs by searching for the artist and song names using a search engine like google.

Assuming you look for legally downloaded materials (after all, that is what Kazaa is intended for), burning pictures should be hardly any problem, unless you want to make something special from it (for example a slideshow that can be played onto any DVD player).

If with pictures you mean the movies you downloaded (such as trailers), there are a few tutorials on this forum that might help you out in this respect.

And for lyrics to Karaoke songs, don’t have a particular site to recommend, other than Google as the starting place of all searches (except the searches on this forum, for that we have our own special place :wink: )

Hope you find what you are looking for on our forums and that you will hang around for a long time. (but please do read our rules to see what is and what is not allowed here, you don’t want CD Freaks to get into trouble, now do you?)