Questions about these scans (see inside)

(Memorex +R 8x)

(Mmore -R 8x)

Q1: Would you say the media from the first scan, CMC MAG E01 (Memorex +R) is a good and reliable option ? I’ve read controversial opinions about it but the fact is that I’m getting good scans. Other than that, what other criteria if at all should I think about to decide ?

Q2: Are all FUJIFILM03 (Mmore -R) this bad with B7T9 on a BenQ DW1620 or do you think I just got a bad disc batch ? Would you entrust your backups to media with these scan results ?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

The scans appear to be telling you that the CMC is much better for your drive. The Benqs are not known for compatability with DVD-R media anyway.

I don’t “trust” backups to any optical media, but for everyday use, movies and such, the CMC is your best option (of those 2 discs) with that drive.

I didn’t really meant between those two. I meant if you’d say those CMC are reliable to use with my burner in general terms, considering the good scans. In other words, if the scans are good what else would I have to consider when choosing media ? Is there any other criteria at all ?

I keep reading posts who just seem to tell people to buy the most expensive media they can find or just buy TY and Verbatim and shut up, but why would I do that if I can buy media for half the price which give me similar quality results according to those scans ? What other factors besides the scan results would make me decide otherwise ?

By the way, what did you meant about not trusting your backups to optical media ? I mean, what other viable options exist to store vast ammounts of data, including movies from a DVD source which have to be playable from the backup ?

Sorry about all the possibly silly questions, I’m new to all this. :slight_smile:

some cheap media will burn well and have lower PI but in the long run, it might not play in your dvd player or the data won’t be readable

Toant103 thank you, that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. But the problem is, how do we know that for a fact ?

I plan on doing lots of backups and that means buying lots of discs and I’d really like my investment to last, but since all this stuff has been around for so little time I’m not sure if anyone can really give a definitive answer about expensive media being more durable just because it’s expensive when you get the same scan quality with some cheaper brands like those CMC I posted above which seem great with my burner.

We see lots of complaints about some discs but most of the times it seems they come from people who had bad luck with the burner and software combination with a certain disc and who haven’t scanned them for quality or don’t know what they’re talking about.

Do people know for a fact that a cheaper disc won’t last compared to a more expensive one just because the latter is more expensive, when obtaining the same scan quality with both ? If so, why ?

In the range of media, opinions will always vary…

Some media manufacturers, and genuine partner rebrands, are almost universally judged to be good (Taiyo Yuden springs to mind here), and should deliver good results unless your drive really does not like them.

Some, and this varies with drive, are judged to be crap (Princo?).

Some (Ritek codes) can be excessively variable.

Then you get CMC, the paradox - from average to very bad in CD-R, but their DVD media is well written by some drives, next to useless in others - some would put them at the first level in quality, the majority would probably put them in the socond tier, and if your drive doesn’t like CMC, then you put them in the 3rd or bottom tier.

Yeah, but all those opinions are based on immediate results for each poster, right ? Like, someone buys a spindle of CMC, burns some and gets bad results with poor scans. Maybe their burner and software combination doesn’t like that media, maybe they got a bad batch, and so on. That doesn’t really answer the question when it comes to the people who do have great scan results and great burns with that same media in their systems, does it ?

Based on my above scan of CMC, and that’s actually not one of the best CMC scans I’ve been getting, what would make me (ME, moi, je, myself) not use that media ? The burns don’t fail, the scan results are top notch, and they read just fine in all my three players including even a standalone player that sometimes is a bit picky with DVDR stuff.

See the point behind my question ? :slight_smile:

how do i know if this is true? It happened to me before. I burned some cheap media and the scan is pretty good but the media crapped out after a couple of month. But if you have important data you want to burn, put the finished dvd in a jewel case.