Questions about the Samsung SH-S203B


My understanding is that this is the best all-around burner currently available. I know that it features great writing capabilities, but I would like to know how it performs as ripper.

  1. Is it also one of the best rippers around? When I rip something, it is generally a DVD movie or a music CD. Ripping is highly important to me, just as important as writing. Is this drive for me?

  2. Is this drive a good reader? I guess that a drive’s ripping capability is somewhat affected by its reading qualities (am I right?). If reading is not related to ripping, what makes a drive a good reader? How can I benefit from a good reader?

  3. Some futher unrelated questions: What is jitter scanning? What is bitesting/bitsetting? What is SHEEP? (1 sheep, 3 sheep…)

  4. How are the burning capabilities of the drive when burning high-quality DVD-R/DVD+R media, high-quality DVD+/-RW media and high quality DVD-/+DL media? (high quality means top of the line Verbatim MCC or Verbatim TY, I only use Verbatim for important burns)

  5. How come there is no evidence of this drive at Samsung’s USA website? All I can see are other models.

THANKS !!!:bow:

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