Questions about the Plextor 716-SA

Is this drive capable of copying bit for bit audio whether this is done with Plextools or EAC? How’s the DVD ripping and burning performance when compared to NEC 3520A? The reason why I’m going for the Serial ATA model is because my case is really crowded and the thinner cable will definitely be a plus even if it means I pay a premium for the drive. Thanks.

you should be aware of mobo/SATA controller chip compatibility issues.

as far as bit perfect, Plextools Digital Audio Extraction is excellent. check out westgroveg’s guide:

Do you have a link to a thread that points out such issues?

check the mobo/sata controller compatibility on the official site ( first. then do a search in the Plextor section for 716SA and SATA. there are a bunch of posts there.

They don’t seem to have any information with the new chipsets. I have a DFI NF4 Ultra-D, which is based on the nforce 4 chipset. There is no information on it. I am kinda hesitating to buy it since it’s so expensive and I’m not sure on it’s compatibility with my board.

i wouldn’t be suprised since that’s a brand new board, very nice :slight_smile: how do you like it so far? what’re the rest of your specs?

back on topic: isn’t there more than one SATA controller chip on that board (like a Sil or Promise)? check to see if it’s the same controller as another mobo that does work and run it off those SATA ports.

edit: or purchase from a place with a liberal return/exchange policy and see just test it first to see if it works.

DVD ripping performance of the PX-716A is very good. It’s one of the fastest readers for DVDR/RW media:

[ul][li]Pressed DVD single layer: 16x max.
[/li][li]Pressed DVD dual layer: 12x max.
[/li][li]DVD+R/DVD+RW media: 12x max.
[/li][li]DVD-R/DVD-RW media: 12x max.
[/li][li]DVD+R dual layer: 8x max.[/ul]
[/li](Single Layer Pressed DVD-Video Disc)

(Dual Layer Pressed DVD-Video Disc)

yup, gotta love the fact that i can rip 2 full DL pressed DVDs simultaneously (2 instances of DVD Decryptor) in a little over 10 mins. :bigsmile:

Anyone of you aware of compatibility issues with the Plextor and my Nforce 4 motherboard? It’s a DFI NF4 Ultra-D.

Also is this burner capable of copying and burning PS2 games? Just curious about it. Thanks.

SGt.,you might want to fire off an e-mail to Plextor support and ask them since your chipset is so new. This way you would have at least a leg to stand on should you have problems and they say it’s ok.


There is nothing special about copying PS2 games, they’re not copy protected as far as I know. Just create an image of the game with DVD Decrypter and then burn it. That works just fine. But, of course, your PS2 has to be modded to accept back-up copies.

My ripping seems to take forever I wonder what we are doing differently?

SpeedRead CD/DVD not enabled via PlexTools? If it’s not enabled the drive will limit the read speed to 2x to prevent noise and vibrations when watching a DVD movie on your computer.

I have speedread enabled thats whats weird. I can bareley get the drive to read over 6x.

DarkSaturn99, check your DMA setting Sometime the transfer mode can fall back to PIO mode if you ripped a bad (scratched) disk. Return it back to UDMA 2/4 mode.

EAC does not fully support the 716A (latest EAC is rather old) but Plextools Pro will give you the ability to extract audio bit-perfect.