Questions about the compression method



First of all, DVD2one is a very easy to use and well developed program.

I have burned quite a lot lately and I’ve discovered a few things. If I use DVD2one on movies that are shorter than 1h and 40min everything is as it should. If a movie is longer than, lets say 2h and 30mins, the image quality is not 100%. I understand that the longer movie the more compression is needed but maybe this compression could be better?

I’ve done backup on Forrest Gump and Matrix, which are quite long, and when I view them on my projector I see “flaws” better than if I watch them on the TV. My impression is that the picture gets more blured, darker, fewer colors and the picture seems to be more green. I don’t really care how long it takes to backup the movie as long as the quality stays about the same as the original.

My suggestion is to have an option in those cases that uses a better compression but takes longer time. As it is now I use Ifoedit and InstantCopy when I make backup on longer movies. This is hard, takes a lot of disk space and is time consuming. First I rip the movie with DVD decrypter, then I remove all the languages, subs, menu system and sets default sub with Ifoedit. After that I use InstantCopy to maximize the compression and to burn. InstantCopy is much better at compressing IMHO but it takes longer time (I like the feature where the burning starts as soon as the compression is done).

It would be great if there was an option in DVD2one to use multipass compression, like Cinemacraft, in which you could set how “careful” the compression should be done.

Also, since I have a daughter, who is not that good at handling DVD yet, I want some movies to have another default language or subs too. Would be very nice to have an option like that.