Questions About the CENDYNE CDICD00107 32x12x40x burner



Hi, I have a few questiron about the CENDYNE burner.

1) Is this a liteon? the model is CDICD00107.

2) Can I flash this with 48x (write) firmware to overclock it without damage?

I heard somewhere that you can flash Cendyne drives with higher firmware because they all use the same chipset. Is this true?

Thanks for any feedback.


Oh, and is there anything wrong with the official CenDyne firmware? should i stay as cendyne to avoid the hassle of changing it to a liteon?

And, can flashing to a 48x with a 32x drive be fatal to it?

please give me as much detial as possibly.


How is your current firmware identified?


Your Cendyne 32X writer can be either of the following possibilities:

LiteOn, Verbatim, Mitsumi, Aopen, or OptoRite

Only if you are lucky enough to get a LTR-32125W, then you can flash it to 40X or even 48X. Read the FAQ section in this forum to find out more about overclocking LiteOn models.

Read the following link to find out which model you actually got:


CDICD00107 doesn’t sound the correct model number for either of those five models. Use Nero “Choose Recorder” under “Recorder” menu to find out the true identity of your model.


How do u tell which drive u get by using serial number:

my friends have:

210212 - 32123S (there is drive model in the box) - Mar 02
212210 - 32123S (there is NO drive model in the box) - Jan 02
231xxx - 32123S (there is NO drive model in the box) - Jan 02

Anyone who get 5W…could you please tell us ur serial number and manufacturer date??


is there any reason not to stay with the Cendyne firmware? I mean like, the firmware cant be that bad right?


What are you talking about, man? CenDyne is a marketing, not a technology firm, and they don’t write their own firmware. They just rebox the OEM drives.

If you go to their website for firmware, they just redirect you to different vendors’ (such as LiteOn, Verbatim, etc.) website.