Questions about the A109

Hello Everyone,

So I just got today my new Pioneer A109 burner (FW 1.17) and have a couple of questions about it. For one, I think the access time seems a little excess ~10-15 seconds. Also while burning I notice that the burner stops at around 10% and then at 52% burning a 8x DVD at 12x. I see my buffer get to about 10% when this happens yet my used read buffer never gets below 95%. Is this something that is typical of this burner? I have verified that DMA 4 is being used in the device manager and that the partition that I have the files I am copying to is used only for transferring files to the DVD. Will getting a drive with 8MB like my Sony DRU-500 had, fix this problem? Sorry if I’m asking some strange questions but I’m new to the faster DVD burners and don’t know if this is typical or not.

Thanks in advance,

If you do a quick scan in the forum you will notice most people have those buffer fluctuation, We are waiting for a new firmware to fix this if fix is needed, since a few people think this may be related to the OPC kicking in.

Personaly I do think it’s a firmware issue since I use only quality media like verbatim etc, One thing is sure the drive has issue with xbox backup.

I am quite satisfied with it so far except for the fluctuation… anyhow it is better than the dead :frowning: px-716 I have purchassed prior to this one since it work!