Questions about SVCD

I recently downloaded a movie, and when I extract it I get a .CUE and a .BIN file

what do I need to get to be able to watch the movie, I have looked and all I could find is IsoBuster but that has errors(and lots of them) when making the image and it makes me a .TAO file which I dont know what to do with that either

I have Power DVD 5 but that doesnt read the .CUE file, if anyone knows what program will read it and allow me to watch it I would be extremely greatfull

What for a movie? I hope legal, if not you could expect one of the mods will close this thread very soon. Lookin here

yes it is legal, it is a home video my cousin shot and he is at WAR now so I cant get in touch with him so easy to find out what programs I need to watch and dont want to wait till he gets home

Mount the image on a virtual drive with something like Daemon Tools, then watch it in PowerDVD.

Ok so Daemon Tools will read the .CUE and .BIN files and be able to let power DVD play them cause I have Alcohol and it wont mount the files to the virtual drive

My mistake I can mount the immage with alcohol but I can only play with Realplayer or Windows media player but nothing happens its just black

EDIT: i can here my cousin talking and it says it is playing MPEG2 but i get no viedo only sound do I need to configure WMP someway to be able to watch the viedo not just hear it?

SVCD is mpeg2, and you need a dvd-player program to see it.

yes I tried to update and it said i need a MPEG-2 decoder, shouldnt Power DVD have a MPEG-2 decoder in it or do i have to go to their website and get one

Absolutely. PowerDVD will open and play your SVCD’s, without any problems.

I figured it out

I have to mount the .CUE image on my virtual drive. then I have to open it and go into the MPEG2 folder and tell the program to open with powerdvd not with WMP like it was doing and it works perfectly

I get to watch my cousin in his solja rags, im so happy

thanks for the help guys :cool:

Actually what’s easier is to just mount it, then start PowerDVD and hit “play” which will scan your CD/DVD drives looking for a playable disc. It’ll hit the image drive, go “hey look a disc!” and play it automatically. :slight_smile: