Questions about storing DVDs and other media near EMF sources



First of all, didn’t this site used to be called “CD Freaks” ? What happened?

Anyway, on to my question:

Can storing DVDs, VHS tapes, music cassettes, and music CDs near a source of EMF (I’m sure you know: Electro Magnetic Frequency) longterm cause damage or deletion of the stored contents of the media?

I have an EMF detector and noticed a high amount of EMF waves coming from my clock radio, air cleaner, DVD/VCR combo, TV, etc. I have all of my movie and TV show DVDs and other media stored in wood cabinets near or underneath these things. The EMF detector detected waves right where my DVDs (etc.) are. It’s hard to find a place in my bedroom where the EMF doesn’t reach. Should I move them somewhere else or are they okay being near the EMF waves?

If you guys can tell me if it’s okay or not, please be specific for each medium (DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, music cassette tapes) in case there is a different effect on each type of media. Thanks.



You might want to do a google or some search on EMF radiation that would give you more links and information to find out about EMF radiation.


CD and DVD is safe, they are an optical media and can be modified with a laser or direct exposure to a sun light.
VHS and music tapes are a different story. They are a magnetic type media and any exposure to a strong magnet will destroy them.
However EMF radiation from any device is controlled by standard before it can be sold. So I would say if your tape is not directly sitting on a radio, you are safe.