Questions about Sony CRX140e!

I tried to burn Clive Barker’s Undying and RA2 with Sony CRX140e and CloneCD at 2x and 4x. Installation went fine. But when i tried to run the game, the CD-rom just kept spinning all the time and the game wouldn’t load at all.
Anyone knows if Sony140e can burn SD2 games at all and where can i find the latest firmware for my burner ?
Thanks !

The HolyCow

Well if it doesn’t work I think you already know the answer: NO. I have two lists here and none mention your Sony :frowning: Too bad.

You can find new FirmWare versions here: (scoll down for the Sony CRX-140E v1.0n and Sony CRX-140E v1.0p)…


Actually there’s a newer firmware version for the Sony CRX-140e. It’s version 1.0s. I don’t feel like digging up the URL! Sorry! But, I posted it on the forums like a few weeks ago. If you run search, you can find it! Good luck!:slight_smile:

Well duh. My previous reply was from 04-04-2001 , 7 months ago! A new version surely would have been released in this period :slight_smile:

The Sony CRX-140e doesn’t work entirely for protected games. You can make the CD and it can install, but you need a fixed-exe for the game to run. You just download the fixed-exe, copy and paste to replace the old exe that was used to run it. You can find these at and