Questions about SH-182f

Well i was about to buy the Samsung-SH-203 but due to so much bills this month i plan to buy it next month.

I will borrow my friend’s Samsung SH-182F to burn my xbox 360’s Backups.

i know the SH-203 is the best but i just can’t afford it for the time Being.

Also i got a question because i am new to going in depth about the DVD burners… What is the symbols A-B-D-F etc. in the burner models.

Thanks alot for your help and i could really say this site is the best in the category.

Hi,[QUOTE=Ramzinho;2037349]What is the symbols A-B-D-F etc. in the burner models.[/QUOTE]These letters indicate the model name. A 203B is different from a 203D although the features are nearly the same, for example.
You might also have a look into the FAQ (see my signature) please.


Thanks alot… found what i was looking for. :smiley:

It’s gonna work btw :smiley:

Thanks a lot