Questions about setting up a media center

First, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this so please move it if needed. I have looked around and tried searching but can’t find a good answer for my questions.

I am trying to set up a server that holds all my music, photos, and videos to be viewed in different ways. I can’t handle the music and photo part of it but need a little help with the video part. I will want to be able to have DVDs and Blu-ray movies ripped to my hard drive and watched by any of the following - PS3, XBox 360, PC/Laptop, or iTouch. I have downloaded and started playing with TVersity which seems to serve all the media out to all the devices that I want, but I don’t know the best way to get the video off the disks and onto the PC.


  1. What file formats should I use for my DVDs and Blu-rays? I don’t think they need to be able to be played by all the devices I listed because TVersity is suppose to supply the media in a format that the device can play when requested. I think it just needs to be able to be played in WMP.

  2. What program should I use? I don’t know anything about this part of it and need as much advise as I can get.

  3. What is the quality like? Would it be pointless to rip a Blu-ray to a hard drive and then watch it through the PS3 with TVersity? If it degrades the quality then I don’t really want to watch it that way. I would rather use the disk.

So the point of this is to have all my DVDs and music ready to play at the touch of a button. Then I could box up my disk and store them in the closet until needed. I want the quality to be good if not great. I have been told by a co-worker to use MPEG-2 for my DVDs and AVCHD for Blu-ray. Does this sound like what I want?

Any help would be great.


You need to have windows xp media center addtion or vista home premium or vista ulitimte. the vista’s have media built into them. thats all i really know sorry if this doesnt help you to much. and about file types any will play as far as i know.