Questions about SafeDisc 3

I’ve been wondering for hours what SafeDisc 3 does, how it is different from other versions and so on. According to CD Media World and GameBurnWorld the only way to make a backup copy of a SD3 protected CD is replacing the main executable with one which does not have the protection installed.

GameBurnWorld says SD3 protected executables also have a Codemaster’s-Fade-like protection which causes the game to become unplayable or unstable if the protection has not been completely removed (example: weapons which don’t shoot) by using APIs. This makes it difficult for hackers to confirm the protection has been cleared. I guess the points of the game where these APIs are wrapped are chosen randomly. So my questions are: 1)do they claim SD3 is “1:1-not-backupable” only because (due to the randomly chosen unplayable points) it is not possible to make a general unwrapper or due to other causes ? and 2) does SD3 still use the so-called “weak sectors” ? and finally 3) is it true that SD3 uses TAGES-like “twin sectors” ?

Thanx in advance!!

  1. They claim it isn’t backupable so that you use their site. It can and has been backed up. Granted only a few drives can do it properly but it can be done with Virtual Drive and/ or emulation.

  2. Yes. There is a list somewhere of the devices that SafeDisc employs to stop being copied. (I maybe thinking about a list for SecuROM)

  3. Isn’t that SecuROM? I am asking because I can’t remember.

Fixed EXEs are illegal, please refrain from using them.
I dont think SafeDisc does use twinsectors, otherwise woudnt twinpeaks program be used for SD3 as well?

No twin sectors for SafeDisc. Just weak sectors. As merther said Fixed ExE’s(Cracks) are illegal and not discussed here.

Fixed EXEs are illegal, please refrain from using them.

sorry, I didn’t mean I wanted to crack executables or so. Just thought they were claiming SD3 was not 1:1-backupable because it was not possible to make one!

  • Tyreksionibus

I think what they are trying to say is that the easiest way to do this is to use exes.
But you will get no help with that here.

He gets the point.:slight_smile: