Questions about safedisc 2.5+

Hello everyone,

 I was just wondering if there was a way of copying safedisc 2.5+ discs if you dont have those safedisc 2 cd writers that can copy SD 2.5+ with no problem. I just read the tutorial about copying SD 2.5+ discs, and if i'm not mistaken the only way to do it was to use discdump to make and image and burn it with fireburner under dao 16 or 96 i believe, but in the configurations in fireburner, i dont see those burning options to check off. Anyways my main point of this thread is to see if there was any other way of burning SD 2.5+ discs without having one of those cd writers that can burn SD 2.5+ with no problems. I use alcohol 120%(lastest version). BTW what does the options, "Bypass EFM errors" and "Recitfy Sub-channel data" do, and does these options help burn SD 2.5+ discs without those special SD.25+ writers? Thanks!!

Have you read this thread.

Your response will be.
The BYPASS EFM ERRORS DOESNT APPEAR ON THE ALCOHOL 120%(Don’t I need this to burn safedisc2.5+?)

This is because the guide wasn’t updated when Alcohol was updated. This option is now found under Options/ Datatype settings.

However since you known that your drive can’t do this copy protection then whats left for you to try is the SafeDisc 2/3 profile. It uses BYPASS EFM ERRORS which your burner can handle to try to make a backup.