Questions about plextor 121032a

Guys i really don´t know what to think. Some people say that this drive can´t read and write securom protected cds but it´s no problem for me, it always works (tla 0202). Are there some that really can´t read subchanels?
My second questions is can this drive make a working sd2 protected game ( that runs in any drive ) using last clone cd?
thanks in advance

i havent had the time to test it, but from everythgin i read, as long as AWS is turned on then itll work fine.

Some rare Plextor models had problems with the Subs, but I (TLA#0305) also never had problems with it. SafeDisc 2 is a problem for this drive with the old versions of CloneCD but like said before this drive works very well with the new AWS options in CloneCD. It can now make a working (read: playable in every CD-ROM) back-up :smiley:

I have one of those ‘rare’ Plextors :-[ it cannot rip SubChannel Data/Audio but luckily my Samsung DVD ROM is able to do this :-]
of course…it cannot make working Safedisc copies…only SecureRom. On the other hand my Plextor [thx to the all new CloneCD’s AWS function] is now able to make perfect working SD2 backups that will run in any ROM. Although I did coaster 6 CD’s trying to copy StrongHold that uses SD2 and the ATIP method! this totaly fooled me and made me think the backup was a bad [thx again to CloneCD’s ‘Hide CDR’ function for allowing my CDRW to play these kind of backups :-].

Well, I have a PX-W1210A and I have firmware 1.04, since it makes it possible for em to back up SD2 games. awsome
and oh, I have TLA #0202