Questions about out of sync audio

Hello People

I am having a problem with Ripping DVD and Compressing Casino Royale

This is the way I tried

  1. Rip the whole DVD to Hard Disk

  2. Take the movie VOb files out and separte them according to the cell

  3. Using DGIndex demux the movie file into one with AC3 audio file

  4. Using ImagoMPEG Muxe, remux the files into one

  5. Compress the file using Auto GK

I am having problem in number 4 because the audio has some delay

and when I test the final output by Auto GK the audio was slightly out of sync with the video.

I tried to use Virtual Dub to allow the delay then the final output is a total mess : it starts well but whenever I forward or skip the video, the video file crashes

Please help me

Thank you in advance

You are making it far too difficult for yourself…Are you trying to convert from DVD>AVI ? b/c there are far easier ways to get it done my friend…
Use DVDFab it rips and backup/converts to avi …Or rip to HDD and, import in AutoGK, avidemux, Fairuse Wizard(disc or .iso needed), or similar, no middle tools needed,unless of course you’re doing some kind of editing besides backing up main movie only…

Use DVDFab HD (free) to RIP to your HDD. Open and convert with AutoGK.