Questions about my new PX-755 burner

Hey guys,

I’ve just testes some Plextools stuff on my new burner. Lucky me, I also have a PX-708 burner which came with Plextools pro (early version). So I updated it for the Px755.

Well, Plextools is a nice little program, not as intuitive as Nero, but good.


Does Plextools make better copies than Nero does (Audio CD, DVD-R)?

I’m very interested in the Q-check functions, but I’m not sure of the last TA test I’ve run. I took a normal DVD-R (Verbatim), which was burned with my PX-708 at 4 x speed. The TA result was bad, Jitter = 3, peak = 2 and a text saying that the burning is - not good and also a baddie :eek:
Can I trust the result, are the DVD really so bad?

I also did a Pi/Po test, where is said that the values should be below 250 or something for the Pi values. Mine value on the same jitter bad DVD is over 300000 (sum8 test)?

I’m not sure about those values, can they only be trusted, if they are burned with the PX-755?


I’ve just found the questions/answers about plex stuff. And there is something about the PI/PO errors, and as I see it - my DVD-R is pretty bad to say it at least, if I have a PI count of >300000. Its strange, as the DVD plays alright, no problem at all, and I made it resently with no problem at all. Burned on a PX-708 with CloneDVD.

Hmm… I have to read the PI/PO error stuff again from the question section, as I don’t fully understand it.

I think I was wandering about is, that both my new drives read speed settings is set very low in Plextools? And isn’t the drive supposed to automatically handle optimal read speeds?

I tried the Autostrategy function with a DVD-R, and strangely enough it shows up as a DVD+R in the database window? Can anybody tell me why.

Regards, Moef

Moef, welcome to the Plextor forum!

You always have to be skeptical when comparing discs burned in one burner and scanned in another. The one you’re scanning in might be a “picky” reader, for example. And some burners just don’t like each others’ burns for whatever reason. If your 708 can read the discs with a smooth Read Transfer Test, and especially if the disc plays OK on your DVD player, then there is little to worry about. If the scans appear to deteriorate over time, you might have something to worry about.

As for PI/PO/PIF/Jitter scanning speed, Plextors using Plextools always scan at 2X.

Interpreting PIE scans is subject to some opinion. Personally, I don’t consider the totals to have much bearing. You should be more concerned with PIE peaks above 280 (on Sum-1 scans) and PIFs going above 4 on Sum-8 scans. Those could be unreadable, or easily become unreadable soon.

Does Plextools make better copies than Nero? As far as burn quality goes, no. But Plextools has more advanced options for extracting audio from CDs, including EAC and L.A.M.E. options. You can also use standalone LAME and EAC programs to do the same quality extraction.

Actually PIE peaks above 280 in Sum-8 scans and PIFs over 4 on Sum-1 scans… :wink:


Hi Moef, welcome to the forum!

The limits for PIE and PIF mentioned in PlexTools is for the maximum values, not for the total sum, so your 300.000 PIE may or may not be a problem depending on what the maximum value is.

When you ask a question like this it is really helpful if you include a screenshot of what you’re talking about; a picture is worth a thousand words! You can use the Manage Attachments function in the Advanced dialog (Go Advanced).

BTW are you the user Moef from

Thanks everybody, I guess I have to do some more scannings and compare the results with what you have said here. I’ll be back with gfx results and extra information about my settings.

And hallo DrageMester, yes I’m the one and on Moef from As you see, I just bought myself a new plex recorder, the PX-755 (bulk version). I forgot all about the special functions, that plextor has developed, and that other programs can’t use. So when I finally found out, that I couldn’t use them without plextools, I started looking after my old PX-708 plextools pro disk. Finally found it, and updated it with the latest version from the plextools site :slight_smile:

But I have never really thought much about the quality of my burned DVD’s. So now I’m trying to find out what it all means, as I really like to keep my movies & backups for a long lasting time.

Just a couple of quick questions:

In plextools, you can make speed settings (under -> drive settings, cd read speed (& dvd read speed - default is very low on my setup). Does these settings influens the drive reading speed (cd or dvd) in other programs like for example Nero, or is it only in plextools?

The new autostrategy feature (the database) will probably now work with other programs. But the firmware does contain info of different media, that is used with other programs, right?


Ups… just forget this one, why does plextools see my DVD-R disks as DVD+R disks? I thought it was a little strange :slight_smile:

Thanks, Moef

[li]When you set the reading speed in PlexTools you change the drive’s current reading speed which affects all programs. But other programs may also change the drive’s reading speed, so it is not a permanent setting, and if you eject the disc and load it again, the speed setting will be reset to default.[/li][li]Programs don’t use the firmware strategies or autostrategies, only the burner itself uses those (and PlexTools can be used to manage the autostrategies). Regardless of which burning application burns a disc to the drive, the drive does the actual selection of strategy.[/li][li]I have no idea. I’ve never seen that with my PX-712 and PlexTools <= 2.28 (I haven’t upgraded to the latest PlexTools yet).[/li][/ol]

Thanks DrageMester,

Okay, I’m making an ISO file, that I’m gonna burn with my new 755. Then check the write quality again with a DVD made in same drive, as I don’t like the jitter errors that said the disk I talked about in the beginning, was - not good or worse bad… :frowning:

And all the PI errors, but I check it again, and try to set the perference settings and also read back on what you have written, thanks.

Okay, I thought the speed settings was permanent and written in some kind og special memory that only plextools could access, dum me hihi :slight_smile:

About the DVD-R disk, seen as a DVD+R disk, this is strange. I took another old DVD burned movie, which looked fine as DVD-R in plextools?!.. strange


Fooled some more around in Plextools pro. There must be some kind of updating problems from page to page in the program. I’ve just made an DVD video ISO image, which I wanted to copy with plextools. I selected the image, and saw that it wanted to copy it as an CD image, the writing speed settings didn’t change? The I tried to autostrategy-scan the empty disk I wanted to use, which was fine besides the autostrategy scans my Verbatim DVD-R disks as DVD+R?
Well, I returned to the image copy page in plextools, and suddenly plextools now wanted to write the Image as a DVD image at the right speed x 8?

Hmm… did I misunderstand something?



Ooops! :o It was, uh, late and I, uh, look … I got faulty intelligence from the CIA, OK? :cool:

I just tried the jitter test again with a Verbatim disk. ISO made with CloneDVD, burned with Plextools at 8xspeed and tested with PX755. Now things are looking really god, exellent result in all cases - outer, middle, inner test.

Maybe there is some kind of writing difference between my new 755 and the disks written in my old 708? Or, everything written with plextools is good, if you know what I mean. I will check the other tests.


Stupid me, just read this topic again, and finally found out that the counts you’re talking about, is “peak” values, Y-axis peaks :o :clap:

I thought it was the counter value that should be below 280, sorry…
But I’m more relaxed now where I know my diskes are alright :wink:


Of course, I was only remarking it out to avoid Moef some confusion. :slight_smile:


haha… yes, thanks for trying but I was too stupid to see it before now :doh:

It’s understandable that you didn’t see it because PI/PO scanning looks quite complicated when you first do it. I have updated the FAQ so that it now says PEAK levels instead of maximum levels:

[i]So, in conclusion:

* In the SUM-8 test the PIE peak levels should not exceed 280 while POF should remain 0.
* In the SUM-1 test the PIF peak levels should not exceed 4 while POF should remain 0.

Discs that show values that exceed the peak levels mentioned above can be considered a bad disc (also referred to as a “coaster”).[/i]

Thanks G@M3FR3@K

I’ll post some new PX755 tests I’ve made on Verbatim 16x DVD-R media. When I made the DVD in plextools, it showed a recording speed of 16x. But the actual speed is 8x. Is this because of PowerRec, that was enabled?

If it is, I have to test the difference in recording quality, when its disabled :iagree:


Yes, most likely that’s the “problem”. With the PX-716A it is quite difficult to reach 16X when PoweRec is enabled. I don’t own a PX-755A so I don’t know how sensitive PoweRec is with that drive unfortunately.

Okay, yeah I thought so. Is it possible, to disable PowerRec in plextools. I’ll try to write DVD without PowerRec, and see what it does to the quality and amount of errors.

Yes it is. Keep in mind that when you want PoweRec to be disabled but you don’t want to use PlexTools for burning then you have to keep PlexTools running. If you exit PlexTools PoweRec will be enabled again.

In Nero7 you can disable PowerRec, if you open the burner selection menu, and then click on the option button. I’ll loose the Autostrategy database feature, but I guess that there is some kind if media selection feature build into 755’s firmware.

About plextools, its a good program for controlling the special plex features, but its not very good at keeping track of all the settings you make. And I’ve also seen some strange read/write readings on different media? I think its a refresh problem when you change disk, or fiddle around in the different menues in the program.

I’m also missing the session creation I can make in Nero for my DVD+RW medias.

Is Plextools XL better at keeping track of the settings, and refresh everytime you make changes?


I also got the PX-755A today. Unfortunately I cannot find the manual anywhere. Looked on Plextor’s website, “Driver Support Disc” and “Bonus Disc” but could not find a PDF file or something. What am I missing?

Language preference for the manual: English, or Dutch :wink:

Hmm… I ordered a bulk version without any software or manual. Only a little paper showing how to plugin the ribbons on Master/slave. Maybe you got a bulk version?

You can’t use the special plextor drive features like (Q-check, GigaRec, Autostrategy & more), without - Plextools pro or Plextools XL (check out If you don’t have Plextools, then you drive acts pretty much as a normal DVD burner, but ofcause its Plextor build quality :slight_smile: