Questions about multisession dvd

i want to ask you some questions about writing multisession dvd with neroAPI

  1. is there a uppermost limit of number of session that can be written on a single dvd (if we not consider disk dimension) ?

  2. How can i reduce overhead caused by closing a session and opening a new one?

Can anyone help me, please?


Not sure about 1). As for 2), I don’t think you can do anything to reduce the overhead. This is probably imposed by a standard and cannot be changed. I am not absolutely sure but I can’t remember NeroAPI having a way to control this.

Many thanks alexp

I seem that the uppermost sessions that you can write in a single DVD media is 99, regardles you can’t reduce overhead by software (at least you introduce Sleep(5000) between sessions load), these tasks correspond to hardware DVD burner and brand that made it.

greetings Ramiro.

Thanks for reply

I know that the uppermost limit of 99 is referred to number of tracks into one session. But is this true also for number of session in whole DVD-R disk?

Regard to the other question, i noticed that in nero burning rom (ver there is an option in Preferences -> Expert Features that says “Enable generation of short lead-out”.
What does it mean?
Is it referred only to CD-R or also to DVD-R?
And is it referred only to single session or multisession?
Anyway, how can I enable this feature from NeroAPI?

thanks in advance