Questions about LG GSA-H30N

I just replaced my Sony NEC AD7173A for LG GSA-H30N (SATA) just because of NEC pure DVD reading performance.
Now, I’m little bit confused with so many LG drives and really no evident differences (for example, same speeds and same dimensions.)

I know that they may have different chipsets, by what is advantage or disadvantage using different chipsets? What is advantage using SATA (H30N) over “normal” IDE?
Can someone explain me the difference between these LG models:
H30N vs H22N vs H42N vs H44N vs H50N

Thanx in advance!

H22N: Panasonic chipset, 18x, PATA
H30N: Renesas chipset, 16x, SATA
H42N Renesas chipset, 18x, PATA
H44N: (Same hardware at 42N but Vista compatible) Renesas chipset, 18x, PATA
H50N:Panasonic chipset, 18x, PATA

There is not much real-world avantage to SATA over PATA unless your motherboard only has SATA connections. PATA drives can reach 18x burning speeds without issue.

I would suggest you look at the respective threads for the burners you are interested in to see how they perform with the particular types of media that you are burning.

The H30N uses a Panasonic chipset.

^Yes, it does… sorry got messed up while typing it. :o Too many models to keep track of!

Anyone knows
what chipset has LG GSA 4167B ?
I understood that H-44N has renesas chipset.
thanks for information