Questions about LG 8320B ¿¿?

Hi, excuse my english

I have bought LG 32x10x40 (HL-DT-ST GCE 8320B) with 2mb… I know that exists 8mb versions… but… if i can, it is better to change to 8mb version???

If I have understood, the 2mb version “has” Mt.Rainier…Is it correct ???

Is better than i have this 2mb version, or i have to change for a 8mb version…¿¿¿???

Please, i need your answers…

Thanks !!!

  1. if you have a really slow harddisk in your system , yes. else no

  2. 8 MB version according to specs : not
    2 MB version according to other specs : not

  3. see 1)