Questions about GigaRec

I am planning to buy a (very little) used Plextor Premium 52x32x52 drive and have questions about the GigaRec technology. I have heard of it as a super-overburning tech that allows you to burn even 1GB+ :eek: of data into a CD-R!

  • Do you have to use 99 minutes media with it ?
  • Will it damage the recorder if used “too much” (ex: 3 or 4 times sequentially after some failures) ?
  • If I used it, I wouldn’t want to waste my expensive 99 minutes CD-Rs. Is it compatible with 700 MB CD-RWs ?


  1. No you don’t have to use 90 or 99 minute for GigaRec. You can use it on 74 and 80 minute media as well and this will probably work even better than with 99 minute media (as 99 minute media is often of low quality).
  2. Don’t know. In Europe you have a two year warranty on your drive. If it brakes down before that you can replace it. Using GigaRec shouldn’t be a problem for your drive.
  3. No, GigaRec only works with CD-R media.

I noticed it now… it is weird that all documents regarding GigaRec have disappeared from Plextor sites… :confused:
Once there was a link like this:

but now it is broken…

From this (working) link about VariRec

I tried to guess ,

but it fails. :sad:

I guess it depends on the new site design, but I am not able to find it anymore!


Hehe I tried the same thing, several times but I also cannot find the document anymore.

The PDF of GigaRec and SecuRec are not available in PLEXTOR’s website anymore after the website’s updating…

Even before they update the website,the link of GigaRec and SecuRec’s downloads ONLY can found in Google.But now you can’t find it forever…

I’m so lucky that I have got the 2 PDF above but I think they are very simple and no helps to you.