Questions about finalizing CDs



How do I do that in Nero...?

I really can't find it... -_-;;;;


Before you press the “BURN” button you see it! (note that you are on the “burn” tab)
You see 4 checkboxes and the last one is to finalise a disc!


Thanks for the reply

I was asking how to do it after i burn a CD…

I made a music CD and I forgot to check the box

for finalization and it won’t play.

EZCD creator just finalizes CDs if I try to write something

on not finalized CDs… but I dont wanna install it.



If your forgot to check the box you can try this:
insert the to-being-closed disc and only select finalize cd! So don’t add any tracks! Or if you can add any tracks you can try this as well.


Also, CDRWIN has a function that finalizes a disc. Under “File Backup and Tools” go down to “Finalize a Session or Disc”.