Questions about FADE

I have recently brought a copy of Op flashpoint gold edition and have a few questions about the extra copy protecton on it. I know that it uses SD2 (which is no problem for my Lite-ON LTD163D and 40125S). I have made a back up copy of it and have installed the game from it. I have noticed a few strange happenings with it and decided to try with the original disks. It’s still playing up and can olny put this down to FADE. Is there any way to know when FADE is actavated? Other then the game running with errors. Should the above meantioned drives have any troubles with copying these disks? Also what files make up this protection, if any? I did try a search for this as well but didn’t find what I was after. Any help would be greatful

Check out this Thread for information on FADE. Apparently, they released a patch to remove the checks in the game.