Question's about Dvdshrink

Newb question here, im trying to understand Dvdshrink and Dvd Decrypter i have read all faqs and guides but still have a few questions.

In Dvdshrink after you have clicked the backup button and when it is “Encoding” is this the “ripping” process ? and after the encoding has completed and then dvdshrink will close out and Dvd Decrypter opens, is it opening to begin the burning process onto blank media ?


When DVD Shrink is doing the encoding, it is processing a iso image not ripping the files off ur dvd, DVD Decrypter does the ripping. There is an opition that u can click to burn right after the iso image is created, if DVD Decrypter pops up after the encoding process is done, it is getting ready to burn the iso image to the blank dvd if there is one in there.

DVD Shrink can do both ripping and processing.

HOWEVER, I prefer not to do on the fly ripping, in case I have to re-process the DVD due to a mistake of mine or something.

So, I rip all DVD’s to the hard drive using DVD Decrypter alone or with DVD43, then use DVD Shrink to process and output to the VIDEO_TS folder. I then use Nero to burn a DVD Movie compilation to disk.

There is a good site with tons of tutorials at MR BASS:

Here is their DVD Shrink one:

Here is their bit on DVD Ripping:

I still find DVD Shrink to be about as awesome as it gets. It is a fantastic app, and works with just about everything out there. Even the brand new copy protection stuff is not an issue if you rip with DVD Decrypter / DVD43 first.

Anyway, best of luck. :slight_smile:

And another great one in my sig (second link is best ;)) - best of luck :slight_smile: