Questions about copying cd's

Yes, I have searched thru the posts but I still don’t find a concise answer, so here it goes.

I want to copy commercial CD’s so I can have a copy in my car or cabin as well as a copy at home. I am not interested in mass copying or any thing like that.

I play my cd’s at home from a Sony 300 capacity jukebox type of machine. I have a toshiba 5 disc carousel type at the cabin.

Since I am buying a new computer after christmas, I am essentially starting from scratch.

Can I get some advise as to what I should buy, hardware as well as software? I also want to be able to make some separate CD’s by copying some songs from different cd’s and compiling them into one cd. Sort of a party-mix kind of thing.

Thank you all in advance,


Hmmm… most CD burners can do that, but not all can do it well, if you want a burner just to copy audio CDs the Lite-On 52327S is great, what matters more is the blank media (CD-Rs) you use, so make sure you use high-quality like Verbatim, TDk, Taiyo Yuden or Sony.

To rip and burn the CDs Nero 6 Ultra will do the best job. It is simple to use on a basic level, but if you want to go more advanced there are plenty more features.

So basicly:

Lite-On 52327S Burner
Nero 6 Ultra
High-quality CD-Rs

Ben :slight_smile:

You could use Audiograbber to rip the tracks off CD’s to your hard drive and then make a custom CD of your favorite tunes to take to the cabin. Audiograbber is free and if you have a new PC with XP you will have a free burner program.

Well…I guess it’s time that I finally ask this. I was hoping that I would finally figure it out in context but it’s not happening. When you guys say “rip the tracks off CD’s”, what does that mean. I know it’s done when people convert cd’s to MP3’s but what exactly is “ripping”.



“Ripping” is exactly that. Converting CD files, to compressed audio files for use on the computer. Usually MP3 or WMA.

If you want good quality copies, use a straight disk copy or rip to 44.1 Khz 16 bit stereo wav’s to make your copys from though. To many the loss of quality when using compression schemes such as mp3 is acceptable. I, however, find it less than thrilling.

The Lite-On drive Ben mantioned is currently available from Newegg for just $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping, and comes with Nero Express, which has an option to copy (or back up, as we prefer to say,) your cd’s with little to no quality loss. (It’s a one click deal that just says, "Copy CD. VERY easy for even the novice to use, adn it does NOT compress the files first.) The full-blown Nero Burning Rom is a better program for sure, but the Express that comes bundled with the drive is more than enough to get you off and running backing up your catalog of CD’s. Here’s a direct link to the drive on Newegg.

I don’t know if you’re in the USA, but if you are, this is about the best deal you’re likely to EVER find on a 52x writer. Newegg also sells TY 52x CD-R’s for as little as $26.00 per hundred plus $4.00 shipping.

Hope that helps.


If you want Primo Audio extraction, then i’d suggest the Plextor Premium or the Yamaha CRW-F1 burner.:slight_smile: