Questions about chapter menus



I’ve searched the forum and the guides, and have found only a couple partial answers. If there is a complete answer somewhere, point me to it please!

I’m using DVDFab Platinum 5110, and sometimes I prefer to backup just the main movie and the chapter menu (especially if the movie will fit on a dvd-r). No matter what I try, in “main movie” or “customize,” I can’t seem to get any of the menus. Is there a way to grab the menus within the dvdfab program (other than full disc) , or do I have to go to an outside program?

Thanks for your help!


Customize mode will allow you to choose whether or not the menus are included. They will be included by default unless you check the box on the second setup page (after you click Next). The box is in the middle of the page. It is explained in the Tutorial, here. Scroll down to just below the first screen capture.


what he said


Thank you – I’ll try it, but as far as I remember, I’ve left the “remove menus” box unchecked.