Questions about Cd-Label Print Saturation Option:



Hi Guys,

I just bought a canon ip4200 and I am using CD-Label Print to print CD. When I click the print, I saw there is two options in the Saturation: Light and Dark. What is the difference between the two options? Which one is better? And which do you guys prefer?


Suggest you instead go into your printer settings by clicking on “printer” in the same dialog, and make your settings there. Most folks find that they need to increase the color saturation for best results, but your own printer may be different. There’s really no way around doing some tests.

On my Canon IP4000, when printing full-face images, I make the following settings:

Effects tab, select "vivid photo"
Main tab, color adjustment, select manual, then hit “set”, select “enable ICM” and increase the intensity by about 5.

This varies according to media type and your own preferences.