Questions About Burning with a Toshiba SD-R6112




I have had my laptop for about a year now and have been using its Toshiba SD-R6112 to burn dvds at 2x speed without any troubles. The DVD-R media I have been using until now is “Verbatim” (4x Certified 120min).

I have recently invested in more cheaper bundles of DVD-R (Almost 4 times as cheap) of brand names: “EMTEC” (1-4x Certified) and “Bulkpaq” (4x Speed DVD-1).

Using Nero I burn compilations with Verbatim media at 2x speed in roughly 30 minutes.

However when I use either of the two new medias and select a burning speed of 2x (Which is my maximum), the “Remaining Time” text says 30:00 (Approximately) but when that time has expired, the progress bar has only reached 50%. Therefore its as if I selected to burn at 1x speed.

Could anyone tell me the reason and/or explanation to why this happens? I appreciate any help you can afford me. :slight_smile:


Check the media with DVDIdentifier, it will show you at what speed your burner is capable writing the media in question.

I would use good brands even if the bundle is more expensive. It is worth spending more on a more reliable media.


Thank you for the information Alex, I downloaded a copy of DVDIdentifier and tried identifying the two brands of DVDs and got the following results from the “Drive Capabilities” tab:

Descriptor #1 = 2700 KBPS ( 2.00x) - [CLV/Non-Pure CAV]
Descriptor #2 = 1350 KBPS ( 1.00x) - [CLV/Non-Pure CAV]

From what I read in the help file, I’m under the impression that my drive should be able to support 2x write on those DVDs. Is it possible that its just the burning program I am using that is at fault here (Nero)?

I will heed your advice and buy good brands in the future, its just that I would like to burn off the existing ones as soon as possible.